21 Jun 2011, 07:35:30

Market and Customers

Initially all of PT. Primatexco Indonesia products were absorbed by domestic market. Later on with expansion of capacity, and persistent quality improvement, PT. Primatexco Indonesia has now changed to an export oriented company. About 70% of our productions are absorbed by international market (Europe and Asia). We still allocate about 30% of our products for domestic market.

Presently PT. Primatexco Indonesia’s major markets in Europe include German, Turkey, Italy, Belgium, England, Swiss, while in Asia the majority of our product goes to Japan, Hongkong, and Korea.


Quality Guaranty

As an international oriented company, quality guaranty on our product is a must. PT Primatexco Indonesia provides technical advice on printing/dyeing to our customers.


We are fully aware that maintaining the existing market is difficult in the currently strong competition. For that reason we do not compromise one thing :Quality. We put forward quality to meet customer’s satisfaction rather than merely meeting sales target, so you can count on us.


Delivery times is a crucial matter. We therefore choose to “rather decline an order than to be late in delivering”. Once we confirm a delivery time we will move all our efforts to deliver on time. You can further consult our sales executives.


After Sales Service

We are open to listen to all issues arisen before, during and after the sales. For PT Primatexco Indonesia nothing is more valuable than seeing our customers smile. Feel  free to share your thought with us.