21 Aug 2010, 04:11:53

PT. PRIMATEXCO INDONESIA always put special emphasis on continual innovation and ongoing development of fabrics that outperform and outlast conventional clothes.


Many of the products we have developed over the years have become specialty products that satisfy our customers. Our products include:


with 77.112 Spindles we are able to produce 40.000 bale/year. Most of our yarns productions are used internally in weaving. Consequently the need in weaving dictates the kind of yarns we produce. Only a small portion of our yarn production is sold to the market.


To get the best quality yarns, our production facility is equipped to conduct tests on:


  1. Fibers strength
  2. Fibers maturity
  3. Honey Dew
  4. Yarn's strength and twist
  5. Uster & Class fault.
  6. Etc


Greige Fabrics

Since its establishment, PT. Primatexco Indonesia was design to produce 100% cotton fabric in greige. This is fully supported by our spinning unit which only produces yarn in 100% cotton for our weaving loom consumption.


Cotton is the most important element of our product.

Consequently, we only use the best quality cotton imported from USA and Australia.


Today, most of our product is Greige fabric with fine count yarn, like: CM50/1, CM60/1, CM80/1 and CM100/1.

White (PFD & PFP)

besides Greige 100% cotton PT Primatexco Indonesia also produces white cloth or PFD and PFP. To date most of our productions are absorbed by domestic market, because we produce only the maximum width of 50 inches. However some of the products are also exported to a number of South East Asian countries.


We implement several processes:

-         Bleaching Calender

-         Bleaching Mercerize

-         Bleaching Mercerize Sanforize